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Blaylock Turbochargers is a specialized repair shop with a combined total of 100 years of experience in rebuilding turbochargers and turbo parts of all makes and models. 
We’re also the home of the one and only Switchblade Turbo.

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Our History

Blaylock Turbochargers is centrally located in Baxter Springs, Kansas and has been a remanufacturer and producer of turbo systems since 1980. Blaylock Turbochargers is a specialized turbocharger manufacturing shop with a combined total of 100 years of experience in rebuilding turbochargers and turbo parts of all makes and models, ranging from Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Komatsu, John Deere and much more. All remanufactured products are carefully disassembled, cleaned and inspected for damage. Any components that do not meet factory specifications are repaired or replaced. All remanufactured turbos are produced to the original factory specifications. Each turbo comes with a warranty that guarantees it against material and workmanship defects and ensures customer satisfaction.


Blaylock maintains a large inventory of remanufactured turbochargers ready for immediate shipment, or can repair your turbocharger. These can be priced with or without cores and they carry a warranty equivalent to new turbos. Each turbo is balanced to factory specifications and Blaylock can service virtually any turbo which is used in the United States.

Blaylock also carries a large inventory of remanufactured parts ready for direct shipping. These parts may also be priced with or without cores. Since 1980, we have developed precise procedures for the remanufacture of all turbocharger component parts. 


At Blaylock Turbochargers we have developed precise standards and procedures for the remanufacture of each turbocharger component. Each item receives precision machining, micrometer/ dial indicator/dial caliper measurement, balancing and inspection, prior to final assembly. Our process assures a virtual return to new, factory original equipment specifications. You can install remanufactured Blaylock Turbochargers with total confidence-whatever the application!

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Since 1980, Blaylock Turbochargers has been building its national market base and reputation around four team-oriented objectives:

1. Offer industry cross section product support
2. Provide our customers with flexible service
3. Provide our customers a strong product warranty
4. Deliver product performance and reliability, second to none

These same objectives provided Blaylock Turbochargers the avenues for expansion into the international marketplace as well.


Those of you already familiar with Blaylock Turbochargers, (through the purchase of our new manufactured piece parts line or complete, remanufactured turbochargers), can be assured, whether it be industrial, on-off highway, marine or automotive applications, Blaylock Turbochargers is committed to providing the highest quality, precision remanufactured turbochargers available. When the need arises for an original equipment, replacement turbocharger, remember Blaylock Turbochargers. We will also custom manufacture any older, hard to exchange, O.E.M. turbocharger. We invite your inquiry and look forward to being of future service.

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