Wake Your Engine Up While Saving On Fuel

  • Name: Steve Green
  • I Drive in: North East Coridor
  • My Engine: C15 Acert Cat
  • Type of Work: Heavy construction
  • Hours Driven Annually: 1,850
  • Follow Me:

In December 2014, Jim Blaylock’s crew @ Blaylock Turbo converted our truck with a C15 Acert Cat engine to their Big Daddy Switchblade turbo.

The first thing we noticed was a more boost and quicker boost. The Switchblade spools up like a turbo half the size; then the single vane opens up to a large turbo size.

With the Switchblade turbo, I no longer have to down-shift on the same grades I had to drop two or three gears on previously.

What benefits have you seen?

After approximately a month, when the owner calculated fuel mileage it went from 5 mpg to 7.28. We run 120K miles a year with this truck, and the owner estimates at $3.00 diesel, he will save over $20,000.00 in fuel annually on this truck alone. This is on top of turning the fuel up 100hp!

In my own words...

I would recommend the Blaylock Switchblade if you want more power and to save fuel costs while waking your engine up like you have never seen it before.

Trust in Switchblade for 18+ Years

  • Name: Jeff Anderson
  • I Drive in: East south
  • My Engine: CAT C15
  • Type of Work: Transport
  • Miles Driven Annually: 1,670
  • Follow Me:

I first met Jim Blaylock about 18 years ago via print (remember that?) advertising, and I have been a dedicated Switchblade Turbo user and proponent ever since. 

What benefits have you seen?

Before I got the Switchblade Turbo on my 3 older rigs, my oil change recommendation was every 125 hours, but I often needed to do it early, at around 109 hours, to ensure things kept running smoothly. After the Switchblade, it has brought it up to 200 hours, no questions asked. Not only that, but the black smoke on all of my rigs has reduced immensely. Other benefits are a much higher boost pressure, the ability to haul heavier loads, and best of all - improved gas mileage.

In my own words...

I love it. This thing pulls everything I have down the road. Has a cleaner look; it's just beautiful. 

See more of my Caterpillar C15 Switchblade Turbo Upgrade Videos here:


The truck has never run better!

  • Name: Otto Hildebrandt
  • I Drive in: Ogden, Utah
  • My Engine: CAT 3406B
  • Type of Work: Recycling
  • Miles Driven Annually: 175,000

I installed a Switchblade® on my 3406B CAT Engine and now I'm getting 5.9 mpg compared to 4.1

What benefits have you seen?

Black smoke out of the stack was eliminated, and the truck has never run better - more boost and power. 

In my own words...

I installed a Switchblade® on my ‘93 Peterbilt 3406B CAT Engine and now I'm getting 5.9 mpg compared to 4.1! I'm saving thousands of dollars and am going to upgrade my entire fleet to a Switchblade® Turbo.