Live On The Heavy Duty Parts Report Podcast

By Team Switchblade October 17, 2023
Dan was recently on the Heavy Duty Parts Report Podcast to talk all things switchblade, the industry and more! 


In a recent episode of "The Heavy Duty Parts Report" podcast, host Jamie Irvine delved into the challenges facing the trucking industry, focusing on controlling costs, specifically fuel costs. As many of you readers know, rising fuel prices impact trucking fleets, consumers, and the economy. 

To address this issue and find solutions, Jamie invited Dan McClave, the President here at Switchblade Turbochargers, to discuss a revolutionary product making waves in the heavy-duty industry. Hmm…what can that be?

For those who want to find out, you can CLICK HERE to watch the video or hit “Play” below to listen to the 23-minute episode. Otherwise, this blog will summarize the critical points of their conversation and shed light on how we are changing the game.

The Fuel Cost Conundrum and Impact on the Trucking Industry:

Dan opened the conversation by highlighting the significant challenge of increasing fuel prices, which have steadily risen over the past decade. Fuel costs represent a substantial portion of the expenses for trucking fleets, owner-operators, and even individuals. As prices continue to climb, these expenses are transferred to consumers, contributing to inflation and economic pressures.

Despite the rising cost of fuel, which directly affects commercial fleets, companies must keep their trucks running to deliver goods and services. Other factors, such as declining tonnage, reduced demand, and increased costs, also serve as a challenge for fleets, thus making profitability an ongoing concern.

Switchblade Turbochargers: A Game-Changing Solution:

Dan then introduced Switchblade Turbochargers and discussed how we are interested in solving some of these challenges in the trucking industry. To do so, Switchblade has developed a revolutionary turbocharger design that improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. Dan went on to discuss a few of the key features of the Switchblade:

-Dual-Mode Turbocharger: The Switchblade Turbocharger features an innovative dual-mode design. At rest, it operates as a smaller turbo, eliminating turbo lag and providing quicker acceleration. As the vehicle gains speed, it seamlessly transitions into a larger turbo, maximizing efficiency & providing more power at the top end..

-Boost-Back Pressure Equilibrium: The Switchblade Turbocharger increases boost pressure to nearly equal that of back pressure, practically achieving a one-to-one ratio, unlike traditional turbochargers where the boost pressure is typically half that of back pressure.  This equilibrium improves fuel efficiency by delivering a higher air pressure into the engine faster.

-Reduced Black Smoke Emissions: Switchblade Turbochargers burn fuel more efficiently, substantially reducing black smoke emissions. This benefits the environment and indicates better fuel utilization, providing significant cost savings.

Customer Testimonials and Future Plans:

After discussing these benefits and the inner workings of the Switchblade, Dan shared the success story of a current customer, Otto Hildebrandt, of Bloom Recyclers in Utah. Otto upgraded his '93 Peterbilt with the Switchblade Turbocharger and experienced a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, going from 4.1 miles per gallon to 5.8 overnight. This real-world case study underscores the tangible benefits of our innovative product.

While Switchblade Turbochargers initially sold directly to consumers, we are now expanding into additional distribution channels, allowing more fleets and individuals to access this game-changing technology.

Wrapping Up The Report:

We can’t thank Jamie enough for having us on and for the opportunity to talk about these challenges impacting fleets and consumers alike. We know that in the coming months, as we expand our distribution network, more folks will be able to harness the benefits of the Switchblade Turbo technology, ultimately contributing to cost control and sustainability in the industry.

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