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Chris Orchard

Great benefits with the Switchblade turbo charger. My problem has always been heat related EGTs and water temp. The dynamometer report last done was May of 2015 at Pittsburgh Power (included). I was never able hold the power band for long due the rapid heat build up.  Since the last Dyno I have changed over to higher volume fuel pump. The stage three Switchblade turbo has equalized the air and fuel ratio so I am able to pull like never before. 
I take an oil sample at every change. My soot level has dropped a full percentage point from 2.20 on average to 1.45 and the turbo wasn’t even in for the full interval. My iron levels dropped from 40 parts per million to 25 due in part to reduced soot.
Fuel mileage increase is difficult to measure pulling livestock. Like pulling a parachute and always heavy. Wind conditions have a big effect. I didn’t buy your turbo for fuel mileage, that would have been a big bonus. What I got was every I wanted it for, primarily heat issues. Wasn’t expecting such an increase in the torque. When I get a chance I want to run another dyno so I have the true numbers.
I’ve owned this truck for 14 years and done lots of changes. My running gear consists of an 18 speed double over with 2:85 rear ends on 11r 22.5 tires. For the first time I feel like my engine is now equal to such tall gears. This set up allows me to run in my 16th gear which is a 1to1 ratio between 68 and 70 and when going into the hills I put my manifold pressure gauge on 36 lbs. That number seems to be the perfect amount of boost this turbo needs to maximize power and not have to drop gears using no more than half throttle.  Your turbo charger has made this truck a real joy to drive with much less work.

In December 2014 Jim Blaylock’s crew @ Blaylock Turbo converted our truck with a C15 Acert Cat engine to their Big Daddy Switchblade turbo.

The first thing we noticed was more boost and quicker boost. The Switchblade spools up like a turbo half the size then the single vane opens up to a large turbo size.

With the Switchblade turbo I no longer have to down-shift on the same grades I had to drop two or three gears on previously.

After approximately a month, when the owner calculated fuel mileage it had went from 5 mpg to 7.28. We run 120K miles a year with this truck and the owner estimates at $3.00 diesel he will save over $20,000.00 in fuel annually on this truck alone. This is on top of turning the fuel up 100hp!

I would recommend the Blaylock Switchblade if you want more power and to save fuel costs while waking your engine up like you have never seen it before.

Michael White

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