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What makes the Switchblade different from Variable Geometry Turbos?

Unlike variable geometry turbos (VGTs) on the market, the Switchblade has only one extra moving part, which is the vane.

Is there an electronic version?

We can make an electronic version, but we believe the pneumatically controlled version performs just as well without the added expense and hardware failures of an electronic version.

Can you make the Switchblade Turbo for different engine models?

Yes, we can make the Switchblade for any internal combustion engine produced, from motorcycles to heavy duty construction equipment. The principle is the same.

How much programming is needed?

The Switchblade turbo is controlled by its own boost pressure, opening and closing the vane when appropriate. No external controls are needed.

How much boost can be expected with the Switchblade Turbo?
Is the Switchblade Turbo like a wastegate?
What improvements will I see with the Switchblade Turbo?
Does the Switchblade Turbo come with a warranty?
How is the Switchblade Turbo controlled?
What makes the Switchblade different from Fixed Geometry Turbos?
A fixed geometry turbos operation is governed by the size of the turbine housing, and small or large has different power ranges where they are effective. The vane in the Switchblade makes it take off like a small A/R turbine housing, and then opens at a preset boost pressure, making it perform like a big turbine housing. Giving you the best of both worlds, quick spool up on takeoff, and great power on the top end.
Why am I not seeing higher boost pressures?
    1. The number one reason is because of boost leaks in your piping connections, or in the aftercooler.
    2. The second reason is because of exhaust leaks ahead of the turbo.
    3. The third reason is from insufficient fuel being supplied to the engine.
    4. Fourth would be foreign object damage to the wheels in the turbo.
    5. Fifth would be from insufficient oil supply to the turbo.
Will the Switchblade Turbo help my fuel mileage?
The Switchblade turbo consistently improves fuel mileage by producing less smoke during takeoff, and by more efficiently burning fuel.
How do I rotate my housings for proper alignment?
What does the vane in the Switchblade Turbo do?
What is the Switchblade Turbo?
Can I make a 1,000 HP with the Switchblade Turbo?
Will my MPG increase with the Switchblade Turbo?


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